Evolution Football Coaching provide professional academy standard coaching to enhance the ability of players both on and off the pitch in a academy style environment. We work with a philosophy that focuses on work ethic, desire, decision making, positive play, confidence and creativity.

    Durham Federation Football Academy

    Durham Federation School are partnered with Evolution Football Coaching to provide an exciting opportunity for budding students and footballers with the development of the Durham Federation Football Academy.

    Durham Federation Football Academy will allow students who are successful in gaining a place in the academy the opportunity to enjoy a stimulated and challenging professionally ran football programme, whilst benefitting from an ever improving education at Durham Federation.

    Each year a selection process, undertaken by Evolution Football Coaching, will identify a group of boys and girls to begin the programme in Year 7. This opportunity takes place throughout secondary school, with academy players embarking on a five year training programme with two additional years being offered in Sixth Form.

    If you would like to find out more information about the Football Academy please contact our Director, James Howarth: enquiries@evolutionfootballcoaching.co.uk